6th General Meeting, Santo Domingo, 11 April 2019


17:30 11th APRIL, 2019.

1. A one-minute silence was held for recently deceased members.

2. The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed by the President.

3. Honorary Life memberships were proposed and accepted (by members voting) for Tony Mitchell, Jacek Szwedo and Diying Huang.

4. President’s address (Dany Azar). Fossil Insect Day (1st October) had been established following registration and was marked by annual stamp issues. The journal Palaeoentomology had been published and papers from members were especially welcome; subscriptions were 120 € for three years receiving six issues per annum.

5. The Vice-President (Jacek Szwedo) reported on activities at Amberif and the World Amber Council.

6. The Treasurer (Olivier Bethoux) gave an account which is posted separately on the Society website.

7. The Webmaster (Vladimir Blagoderov) said that he would welcome contributions from members to put online.

8. The Secretary (Ed Jarzembowski) commented that proposals had been received to establish two new working groups to assist the executive, namely Media & Publicity and

Future Congress. Volunteers were recruited to the former: Dagmara Żyła*, Antonio Arillo, Mathew R. Downen, Christine Sosiak, and Romain Garrouste. As with the Scientific committee (item 10 below), a reporting structure was now needed with an organizer (*) liaising with the executive.

9. The Membership Secretary (Iwona Kania) announced that we had 150 members.

10. Executive/committee elections. The following officers were elected: Jacek Szwedo (President), Bo Wang (Vice-President), Olivier Bethoux (Treasurer), Ed Jarzembowski (Secretary) and committee members: Vladimir Blagoderov (Webmaster), Iwona Kania (Membership); also, Scientific Committee: Dmitry S. Kopylov (Eurasia), Phillip Barden (North America), Romain Garrouste (Africa), Julian F. Petrulevičius (South America), Sarah Martin (Australasia), Chungkun Shih, Enrique Peñalver, Chenyang Cai, Vincent Perrichot, Mónica M. Solórzano Kraemer, Agnieszka Soszyńska-Maj* plus substitutes: Dany Azar and Xavier Delclòs.

11. A vote of thanks was made to the hosts of the Santo Domingo conference and retiring executive and committee members.

12. The meeting ended at 19:30; 110 delegates attended the conference.

13. The next conference (2022) and venue (Xi’An, China) were agreed by secret ballot; the student awards were also announced: Marina Hakim (poster) and Jonas Barthel (talk).

Addendum. Minute of short General Meeting at 17:15-17:35, 9th April: members were reminded that minutes of the previous General Meeting had been posted on the Society’s website and committee nominations plus subscriptions were now due. This was preceded by a short Committee Meeting at 16:55-17:14 which scheduled an editorial meeting during the conference in connection with the new journal at 18:00; the subscription rate was also set whilst the membership rate remained unchanged (30 € for three years). Apologies were received from Ewa Krzemińska.

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