Institute name Acronym Address Website
Albany Museum AMGS Cape Province, Grahamstown, South Africa
American Museum of Natural History AMNH New York, New York, United States
Auckland Institute and Museum AMNZ Auckland, New Zealand
Australian Museum AMS New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Australian National Insect Collection ANIC Australian Capital Territory, Canberra City, CSIRO, Australia
Beijing Natural History Museum CNHP Beijing, China
Bernice P. Bishop Museum BPBM Hawaii, Honolulu, United States
Booth Museum of Natural History BMBN Brighton, United Kingdom
California Academy of Sciences CAS California, San Francisco, United States
California State Collection of Arthropods CSCA California, Sacramento, United States
Cambridge University, Museum of Zoology CUMZ Cambridge, United Kingdom
Canadian Museum of Nature CMNC Ottawa, Canada
Canadian National Collection of Insects CNC Ontario, Ottawa, Canada
Canterbury Museum CMNZ Christchurch, New Zealand
Carnegie Museum of Natural History CMNH Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, United States
Cornell University CUIC New York, Ithaca, United States
Denver Museum of Natural History DMNS Colorado, Denver, United States
Erdgenössische Technische Hochschule-Zentrum ETHZ Zurich, Switzerland
Essig Museum of Entomology EMEC California, Berkeley, University of California, United States
Field Museum of Natural History FMNH Illinois, Chicago, United States


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