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C. Pott, Labandeira, C. C., Krings, M., and Kerp, H., Fossil insect eggs and ovipositional damage on bennettitalean leaf cuticles from the Carnian (Upper Triassic) of Austria, Journal of Paleontology, vol. 82, pp. 778-789, 2008.
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R. G. Bromley, BUATOIS, L. U. I. S. A., Genise, J. F., Labandeira, C. C., Mángano, G. M., MELCHOR, R. N., Schlirf, M., and Uchman, A., Comments on the paper "Reconnaissace of Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation ichonofossils, Rocky Mountain Region, USA: Paleoenvironmental, stratigraphic, and Paleoclimatic significance of terrestrial and freshwater ichnocoenoses" by Stephen T. Hasiotis, Elsevier, vol. Sedimentary Geology 200, pp. 141-150, 2007.


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